Asda’s Queuing System for Coivd-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus has created a multitude of obstacles for the retail/supermarket industry. Many of us have experienced for the first time in our lives having to queue to get into a supermarket. These waiting times can sometimes be lengthy, cold and wet. Luckily for us, Asda is trialling a ‘virtual queuing’ system to better enforce social distancing measures to keep their customers safe.

Queue Virtually

The grocer’s new virtual system, the first of its kind in the UK, will enable users to book a ‘virtual’ slot which allocates them into a virtual queue from their smartphones. This allows customers to wait in the car, avoiding extended waiting lines and keeping distant between members of the public. This virtual system is yet to be fully rolled out by Asda. They are currently trailing their systems and are soon to announce its implementation across the UK.

Photo by Adrien Delforge on Unsplash


Technology & COVID-19

We think this is a really interesting stage in the COVID-19 situation. We are beginning to see how large corporations and organisations are harnessing technology to help people keep safe. Apple and Google have recently partnered to create a contact-tracing app that automates and speeds-up the process of alerting you if you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19. Likewise, we are now beginning to see other businesses using technology software and hardware to adapt to these challenging times. It is probable that social distancing will continue for the remaining of 2020, and we will likely see more retailers produce their own methods to ensure the safety of their customers. What do you think about Asda’s new virtual queuing system?

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